ClearSpan Arena Construction - May 2014


May 12th - The skidsteer and forklift were delivered today. Arena and crew scheduled to arrive tomorrow!

May 13th - Two big semi trucks brought the pieces of the arena, and by 8am the crew was unloading everything. They stayed until almost 8pm and had some of the anchors in the ground and some of the trusses assembled.

May 14th - Torrential downpours today, but the crew was here most of the day continuing anchors and trusses. 2 big cherry pickers arrived.

May 15th - More rain - crew was soaked and muddy but finished (I think) anchors and truss assembly. Should dry up over the weekend and be nice next week.

May 20th - The crew is back. Huge day! The crane came and put up all the trusses (7 total)! 

May 21st - They spent the day hooking all the trusses together. Not much to see.

May 22nd - Cover is going on in sections today! 

May 23rd - 4 sections of the cover are on. Unfortunately some of the steel on the end trusses was made wrong, so we have another delay. The crew left today and is coming back Tuesday to fix the steel and finish the top cover and end walls. Feels like this will never get done! ClearSpan should probably not advertise that most buildings go up in 5 days...

May 28th - The crew is back and the new steel is here. Today was spent fixing that.

May 29th - Front end wall went on today.

May 30th - Fifth top panel by front wall went on today. They were also able to put on the back end wall and cut the holes for the 3 12 x 14 roll up doors.

May 31st-June 2nd - Last top cover went on, all the doors were cut and assembled, vents were put in & finally they were done! (Or mostly done, they didn't bury the extra fabric on the sides which surprised me. Unfortunately we got a downpour a couple of days later, and I spent 3 hours digging trenches to get the water that was pooling on the fabric to drain away from the arena instead of into it - that lead to my walking pneumonia a few days later). 

June 3rd - 6th - We spent hours trying to level and roll flat the arena. We had done this before construction and had it perfect. During construction we had a lot of rain. The rain combined with all the heavy equipment left big ruts in our perfect arena which never dried out once they covered the top and blocked the sun. 

June 6th - We got about 80 tons of silica sand delivered by 3 giant semis that could barely fit into the arena (we were informed during install that they had changed the design of the roll up doors after we ordered them & they no longer went up as high as we thought when we ordered them). That sand covered about 3/4 of the 85 x 120 arena. I left for a horse show today, and my husband was leaving for Montana the next day, so my dreams of riding all week while he and my son were gone had been dashed.

June 12th - 50 more tons of sand delivered. More than enough to cover the arena and a little to spare for my small arena that's attached. Spent all afternoon and evening spreading the sand.

Friday the 13th (also a full moon) - Somehow good luck for me! I got to ride in my arena for the first time!!! 


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